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MTTR-SAT & DEAL representaciones SAC local partners of COMSOFT


Lima NOC provide the local support and Network Monitoring

Comsoft Satellite Services guarantees the supply of parts and spares, and technical support in Germany.

COMSOFT has specialised in ground-based information and surveillance systems catering for the provision of lean and efficient ATC services. The company's genuine expertise, its quality products and superior individualised solutions make COMSOFT a trusted name in the ATC domain

LIMA NOC is implemented by Comsoft that oversees complex networking environments that require little to no downtime. MTTR personnel are responsible for monitoring one or many networks for certain conditions that may require special attention to avoid degraded service.

For monitoring and control purposes MTTR has developed products tailored for the unique requirements of each application. We provide an advanced system management approach for both centre-based and country-wide infrastructures.


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